5 Easy Ways To Encourage Your Child To Eat More Healthy Fruit And Vegetables

We all know children can be hard work when it comes to making healthy choices at dinner time and as parents you want to give your kids the best start in life by teaching them how to fuel their bodies with healthy, nutritional foods.

toddler 1

These 5 tips are great for fussy eaters and kids who turn their little noses up at most fruit and vegetables:

1 – Disguise vegetable at dinner in sauces and gravy. Try sneakily mashing veggies into a tomato sauce and kids won’t notice a difference, works well in pasta sauces too!

2 – Get them involved in meal prep by letting them help you in the kitchen peeling or putting the vegetables on their plates. They’ll feel a lot more comfortable eating veggies if they’re choosing what ones they’re going to eat.

3 – Reward their good eating habits, for example, if they try a piece of broccoli or finish all the vegetables on their plate allow them to choose a fromage frais or piece of fruit with a little chocolate dip for pudding.

4 – Make the flavours of vegetables more appetising by cooking them in butter or with bigger flavours such as tomato or garlic.

5 – You are your child’s best example, by eating vegetables yourself and enjoying them your child is much more likely to follow.

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